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Estate Administration Services

SK LAI & PARTNERS offers professional estate administration services to help you navigate the complexities of asset distribution after the passing of a loved one. Our experienced team ensures a smooth process from obtaining a Letter of Administration to distributing assets according to legal requirements.

Estate administration encompasses the legal process of managing and distributing the assets of a deceased individual. When someone passes away without a valid Will, the High Court issues a Letter of Administration, appointing an administrator to handle the deceased’s estate. SK LAI & PARTNERS specializes in providing expert assistance for estate administration, guiding clients through every step of the process with precision and care.

Why Would You Need Estate Administration?

After the passing of a loved one, family members or spouses often assume that the deceased’s assets will automatically be distributed to them. However, without a Letter of Administration, no one can access or deal with the estate or assets of the deceased. Authorities such as JPJ, SSM, Banks, and Land Offices require legal authorization from the administrator to proceed with asset distribution. SK LAI & PARTNERS ensures that the estate administration process is conducted efficiently, allowing clients to navigate the complexities of asset distribution with ease.

The Process of Extracting the Letter of Administration:

File an Application in the High Court: Submit necessary documents, including an Originating Summons, Affidavit, and Lists of Assets and Liabilities, to the High Court.

Attend the High Court Hearing: Proposed administrators attend a hearing where the Registrar reviews the application. If all documents are in order, the Letter of Administration will be granted.

Dispensation of Sureties: Provide sureties or apply for dispensation if necessary to secure the estate.
Collect Assets and Settle Debts: Once the Letter of Administration is obtained, the administrator collects assets and settles debts of the deceased.

Collect Assets and Settle Debts: Once the Letter of Administration is obtained, the administrator collects assets and settles debts of the deceased.

Distribution According to Legal Requirements: Finally, remaining assets are distributed to entitled beneficiaries in accordance with the Distribution Act 1958.

Type of Surviving Beneficiaries

Spouse only (no parent/child)

Spouse (1/1)

Child only (no parent/spouse)

Child (1/1)

Parent(s) only (no spouse/child)

Parent (1/1)

Spouse & Child (no parent)

Spouse (1/2)
Parent (1/2)

Spouse & Parent(s) (no child)

Spouse (1/2)
Parent (1/2)

Parent & Child (no spouse)

Parent (1/3)
Child (2/3)

Parent & Spouse & Child

Parent (1/3)
Spouse (1/3)
Child (1/3)

SK LAI & PARTNERS ensures a smooth and efficient estate administration process, offering expert guidance and support every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our estate administration services we could offer you!


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