Explore Diverse Financial Business Licenses in Labuan IBFC

Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC) offers a comprehensive platform for financial entities seeking to establish their operations and tap into abundant opportunities. Here’s a glimpse of the diverse financial business licenses available in Labuan IBFC:

Banking: Labuan IBFC provides a conducive environment for banks and financial intermediaries, allowing them to establish and expand their operations within the jurisdiction.

Insurance: The insurance industry in Labuan IBFC encompasses a wide array of licenses, including insurance broker, insurance manager, underwriting manager, captive insurance, reinsurance, and direct insurance.

Leasing: Labuan IBFC supports the leasing industry, particularly for capital equipment in sectors such as shipping, aviation, and oil and gas.

Factoring: Labuan factoring serves as a financing method where businesses acquire and sell debts to individuals or institutions at a discount, subject to approval by Labuan FSA.

Money Broking: Acting as intermediaries in foreign exchange markets, money broking companies facilitate transactions between parties, charging brokerage fees for their services.

Commodity Trading: Labuan IBFC accommodates commodity trading businesses involved in the trading of physical and derivative products, including petroleum, liquefied natural gas, minerals, agriculture products, refined raw materials, and chemicals.

Securities: A Labuan securities license is suitable for entities providing valuable investing advice, administrative services related to securities for investment purposes, and/or dealing in securities.

Wealth Management: Labuan IBFC stands out as the sole jurisdiction in Asia offering private foundations for private wealth succession planning. It leads in international wealth planning, providing investors with unparalleled flexibility.

Explore the diverse financial business licenses offered by Labuan IBFC and seize the opportunity to establish your financial presence with regulatory ease and a robust framework.


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