Streamlined Business Setup in Dubai & UAE with
SK Lai and Partners

Embarking on the journey to register a company in Dubai & UAE has never been more straightforward, thanks to SK Lai and Partners. Our team of experts ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to allocate your time and resources to more critical aspects of your business.

Operating with a lean-and-mean mentality, SK Lai and Partners guarantee a seamless process throughout your business registration in Dubai & UAE, aiming to have your company operationally ready within the specified timeframe.

Our Comprehensive Service Package Covers:

Offshore Company Registration: We handle the intricacies of offshore company registration with the Registrar of Companies in Dubai & UAE, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Registered Agent and Address: Benefit from our services as we provide a registered agent and registered address, essential elements for a smooth company setup.

Corporate Bank Account Opening: SK Lai and Partners facilitate the process of opening a corporate bank account, be it with a local or international reputable bank.

Annual Accounting and Tax Services: Our service package extends beyond registration, offering ongoing support with annual accounting and tax services.

Timeline for Company Registration and Bank Account Opening:

Understanding the urgency of your business needs, SK Lai and Partners expedites the process. Here’s a breakdown:

Offshore Company Registration: Completed within 3 weeks, including a thorough search for your preferred company name and preparation of necessary incorporation documents.

Corporate Bank Account Opening: Within 4 weeks post-company registration, SK Lai and Partners ensure the seamless opening of a corporate bank account.

Fully Operational Company: Expect your company to be fully operational, capable of issuing invoices, within 7 weeks of engaging SK Lai and Partners.

With SK Lai and Partners, you won’t need to travel to Dubai & UAE during the setup process. Our experts guide you through the entire offshore company registration in the United Arab Emirates, clarifying the best-suited entity for your business.

If you’re eager to delve deeper into the details of setting up a business in Dubai & UAE, SK Lai and Partners provide a step-by-step explanation of all the necessary steps. Trust SK Lai and Partners for an efficient, transparent, and expedited journey to establish your company in Dubai & UAE.


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